Review: Garnier PureActive Fruit Energy Gel Exfoliant


A few days ago I went to my local drugstore and found this product on sale. 50% off.
I’ve been wanting to take it with me for a while and at only €3.05 I had to take it right?

So here is my review for Garnier’s PureActive Fruit Energy Gel Exfoliant.


The product says it’s meant for oily skin with stuff like pimples and such.
Lately I’ve been getting some more pimples, not a lot, but noticeably more and my skin has always been very oily so let’s see if it’ll do what it promises.

You’re supposed to make your skin wet, rub the stuff in and wash your face.
The fluid that comes out of it is a see through gel like substance. When applied to the skin I feel really little scrub things, they feel really nice. It also turns white and foamy when in contact with water.
A see through gel like substance.

The first thing I noticed was how amazing this stuff smells. Holy shit.
It smells like fruit and oranges or something.😍

The smell stays on for a couple of hours, when I lay down I can smell it especially really well. It’s soooo good!
My skin got noticeably a lot more brighter and it feels super soft. I wonder what great benefits will happen after continuous use?

I will definitely repurchase as soon as mine is finished. It’s soo good, the price is okay and the smell is amazing. Definitely worth it!

Garnier PureActive Fruit Energy Gel Exfoliator can be bought at your local drugstore for about €6,10.


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