Is MAC Cosmetics really worth it?

Hey everyone,

Today I finally got my long awaited package from MAC. The MAC Prep + Prime Skin primer and the MAC Pressed Blot Powder.
I immediately rushed to the room to open them and try them out. The first thing I noticed was how little I got for so much money..

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Primer and MAC Pressed Blot Powder

Everyone raves about MAC and seems to love the brand. Some more than others.
I’ve heard so many amazing things from so many people, I definitely expected something amazing.

Truth is, I didn’t get what I expected.

I haven’t really gotten to try out the products for a long time, however the first impression was kind of a bummer.
The products feel a little cheap and look like any other drugstore thing.. maybe the formula is different? The formula doesn’t smell very good at least.

However, I will use the products I bought for a while and see if I change my mind about them. Maybe I just need to try them out a little longer. I am pretty pleased about the blot powder so far as my oily skin hasn’t been shining for a few hours so far.
However, I probably wouldn’t repurchase (yet) because there are a lot of good, cheaper products out here.

How is your MAC experience? Is it really worth your money?
Stay tuned as a review of my new MAC products will be coming up pretty soon.😘


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