Mini W7 Haul

Hi everyone!

Today I was biking back from school when I came across my dad who was with a friend. He then gave me €20, yay! So of course I bought some makeup, along with some W7 products I’ve been wanting to try out. They were, all together, only €8! How awesome is that?


W7 products, only €8!

From left to right:

W7 Silky Smooth Quad Eye Shadow in Shades of Grey
It comes in a really pretty package, it doesn’t look all that cheap at all. The emblem on the front and see through plastic so you see exactly what you get. I love it. Perfect to create a nice Smokey look this winter.
Retails at €1,99 euros.

W7 Perfect Eyes eyeshadows in Pebble, Burnt Plum and Hot Chocolate

These are all single eyeshadows and retail at around €0,99 euros. So cheap!
They’re all amazingly pigmented and the little tins are actually pretty big. I’m loving the names, too- they remind me of fall and winter. Sadly enough Pebble broke. :c so be careful with them.

W7 Big Lash Mascara

The. Packaging. Of. This. 😍😍😍
It looks soooo good. I’m in love.
The mascara has a nice brush thingy and it promises to make my lashes big, full and long. I wonder how it packs out!
The W7 Big Lash Mascara costs €3,00 euros alone.

W7 Big Lash Eyeliner

This one came in a duo with the mascara. The lid is in the same awesome colors as the mascara was.. it’s a nice black color. The liner is nice and pointy so I expect to get some nice fine lines from this one. I couldn’t find the name of it anywhere though so that kinda sucks. Guess it’s just some standard eyeliner then?
The W7 Big Lash Mascara and Eyeliner cost me €3,00 together. Super awesome deal.

I will definitely do some reviews about these products very soon, as for now I just wanted to tell you guys about it because I’m so excited about them! Especially the eyeshadows, the pigment is so amazing, but I didn’t expect anything less from W7! Their eyeshadows are always really good. So sad one of them broke. :c

Anyways, reviews coming up soon so stay tuned. Bye!

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