Lancomé L’Absolu Rouge Review

Hi everyone!

Today I went to this outlet near me and they had some really pricy stuff for a lot less money. I’ve been searching for a pink purple color for some time now so I picked it up after having my eye on it for sometime. I got the lipstick in 355.

The lipstick promises to be creamy, make your lips fuller, and intense hydrating up to 8 hours. It also has Pro-Xylane which is supposed to help against your lips getting older. It also has SPF. Sounds really promising!

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in 355

The lipstick comes in this nice, pricy looking packaging. It looks really sleek and simple, black with the Lancomé rose and Lancomé’s brand name written on it. I like the opening and closing system- it clicks with a magnet. I really like how it looks overall.


Swatched on the back of my hand

The lipstick itself is a really nice purple color in the stick, but when swatched it’s more to the pink side. It’s a nude color, which I love and have been really into lately. It’s super pigmented and the formula is really creamy. It shines nicely as well.


The finish of the lipstick looks so good. It’s shiny and doesn’t bleed into the lips. When applied to my lips, it feels so moisturizing! Wow. It’s so nice. It doesn’t taste all that good though- your typical lipstick taste and fragrance, but whatever. The color is really good and it just glides on really easily and fast. One swoop and you receive pretty much full coverage! It does make my lips a little fuller but wouldn’t exactly buy it for that reason.

Sadly enough, my lips hate me and don’t make it last the full 8 hours. A few hours will do though before it fades and disappears. About four hours without a liner, which is still pretty good!
With liner it lasts a lot longer, so I definitely recommend that!
It doesn’t survive a meal for me neither but then again I might just be a sloppy eater. Who knows.

Overall I really love the lipstick. It’s smooth, creamy and I believe it can look good on a lot of people. The color May look a little weird in the bullet, but honestly it’s not. I would definitely buy it again, however I do believe this series of lipstick was discontinued by Lancomé so you might have to search the internet.

Retail price: $32,50


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