W7 Prime Magic Eye Primer Review

W7. A really nice drugstore brand, good quality products but very underrated.
I recently discovered this brand when I was buying some stuff on the internet, along with this primer.
It was very cheap so I was a little sceptical about it, however it turned out to be amazing.


First of all, I love how simple the little.. bottle.. thingy is. The font used looks really nice too and you immediately see what you’ll get, a white primer. 


It opens really really easily, although it feels a little.. weird when it opens. Like when you’re twisting the black thing to open it.

The applicator is a lip gloss like applicator, which I love. It’s super hygienic and applies really nicely. You also don’t have to worry about getting too much on.


The W7 Prime Magic Eye Primer swatched on the back of my hand.

When swatched to my hand it’s white, but when I blend it out it turns skin color.
It feels nice on my skin however it does dry pretty quickly so you should blend it as soon as possible.
W7 In The Nude. Left is without primer, right is with primer.

Dat color payoff tho.

W7 In The Nude eyeshadow, beginning of the day

Excuse my ungroomed eyebrows. Definitely doing something about that later.

When applied to the lid, my eyeshadow stays on all day! It’s still there even though my lids are oily and it usually only lasts a few hours. On the lid the colors are waay intenser. It didn’t crease at all and the color is still as amazing and pigmented as it was when first applied, even though it did get a little shinier because a little oil did come through.

I am very impressed by this primer, especially for it’s cheap price!
I will definitely repurchase.

W7 Prime Magic Eye Primer costs €1,50. 


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