The Drugstore Makeup Tag

Who doesn’t love drugstore makeup? It’s cheap, there are some amazing brands out there that can beat the higher end ones and you can get a lot of it with little money. Their availability is also really good, almost anywhere there’s a drugstore near. What’s not to love?

What is your favourite drugstore/cheap makeup brand overall?
ELF, NYC and Rimmel. Oh, and W7 even though you can’t get that one over here that easily except through internet. They’re all really good quality (most of the time) for really small prices. They also tend to last forever!

Lip products?
W7 makes amazing lip colours. Their Super Pout gloss is so amazing. Max Factor and L’Oreal Paris make amazing lipsticks too, their Lipfinity and Infallible lines are so good. They literally last 24+ hours! Reviews coming up soon.

Least favourite product?
W7 Big Lash Mascara. It didn’t make my lashes big or voluminous or anything at all. Just dry and clumpy.  Idk it wasn’t nice at all.

What is the best makeup bargain?
All W7’s eyeshadows are amazing, aswell as their quads. And at only €2 euros its a really nice bargain.

What is your favourite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
NYC’s amazing bronzer! Its really good and in my opinion pretty overlooked. It lasts forever, it stays nice on the skin, it’s matte and you get so much product for so little money. Only a few euros!

What is a drugstore product you think is overpriced/isn’t worth the hype?
I honestly don’t have anything to add here. I’m happy with all the products I buy so I haven’t really gotten to test any like that.

What are your favourite drugstore hair products?
Gliss Kurr, if that brand counts. Their anti tangling spray thing from their oil range is sooooooo good and it smells amazing! I’m also a huge fan of John Frieda, especially his Repair range. It smells amazing and the deep conditioner is the best deep conditioner ever!

What are your favourite drugstore/value nail products?


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