LoTD: Red Lip

I was browsing my Bloglovin’ feed when I noticed someone posted about a certain L’Oreal lipstick. In the afternoon I immediately picked it up, loving it at first sight.

Therefore, today’s lip of the day is my new L’Oreal True Reds lipstick in Blake’s True Red. The lipsticks are all inspired
by models and I will probably get J-Lo’s colour in their Priveè Nude range soon as well.
Anyways, this colour is a perfect blue-toned red with a matte finish, which is perfect for my extremely fair, white skin. It’s definitely one of my favourite lipsticks right now, as soon as I put it on I was like; damn I think I found my perfect red shade! A new holy grail.
It isn’t drying at all even though it’s pretty matte. It’s moisturizing and creamy, instead, which I and probably a lot of girls would prefer any time any day.


What’s your opinion on these lipsticks? What colour did you wear today? Let me know!

These lipsticks are €14,99 euros each and are available at any drug- or high-end store near you.

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