Baby Lips Electro

Maybelline Baby Lips with their cute, colorful packaging are a huge hit here in the Netherlands. So far we’ve only had the standard Baby Lips, but since two weeks ago we also have the Baby Lips Electro.
Today I’m reviewing two of the new colours for you.

Baby Lips Electro comes in a black packaging with bright, popping letters all over in a similar style to the originals. The actual product looks really bright, too and maybe a little scary. Baby Lips Electro promises a bright and moisturizing colour on the lips for up to 8 hours.
I got two colours, Berry Bomb (purple) and Strike a Rose (coral-pink-ish).

Berry Bomb and Strike a Rose

Damn, it really does what it promises on the pigmentation area! The Baby Lips give off really pretty colours with great pigmentation. I especially love the purple one or to mix the two colours together.
I do find that the purple one is actually more drying to my lips and that it actually makes them more chapped. The coral coloured one is lovely and actually makes my chapped lips chap-free and moisturized. I wouldn’t say they actually last 8 hours, but they really do last a while and the colour lasts even longer. For me, they last a few hours but my lips do tend to really quickly suck up anything I put on them so it could just be me.

No Baby Lips
Berry Bomb
Strike a Rose

Berry Bomb is a nice berry colour and Strike a Rose a nice pink-coral colour.

I think these are lovely products, however I would only wear the purple one for the colour instead for the moisturizing effect, because as I said it’s actually quite drying to my lips. Strike a Rose is definitely a favourite of mine so you can expect it to make an appearance more often in my posts!

Baby Lips are available at any drugstore, starting at €2,99


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