Top 10 Products Under €10

A lot of good quality products are cheaper than you think. I love drugstore products and dupes, and usually you can get even better products in the drugstore than the higher end ones, for a lot less money!
Today I’m going to show you ten products under €10.

#1: L’Oréal Le Blush
This is, hands down, the most amazing blush I have ever used. It really gives you that warm glow to your skin, as if you’re actually glowing from within. No other blush has ever given me this effect. It’s pretty small, comes with a little brush and mirror and its perfect for traveling. For only €6,50 that’s quite a bargain, don’t you think?

#2: NYC Long Lasting Lipstick
This lipstick is amazing and lasts me forever. It doesn’t survive a night over at my boyfriends house, but whatever, what lipstick actually does? It has amazing colour payoff (full coverage within one swipe), a pretty big range to choose colours from and it lasts forever. It also feels good on the lips. What more do you want? You can get it at the drugstore for €3,29.

This. Is truly. Amazing.
I recommend this especially for beginners, or in case you’re on a tight budget. This neat little compact comes with a primer, a highlighter and four eyeshadows which will fit your eye colour. You can choose for green eyes, blue eyes or brown eyes. Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to your eye colour and get all of them, which is still an amazing bargain as they’re only €4,99 each.

#4: Catrice Lip Smoother
People have been saying this is a dupe for one of Clarin’s products, however I haven’t tried that one so I can’t confirm. I can however confirm that I love this product. It feels super smooth, isn’t sticky at all, tastes sweet and like sugar and gives an amazing colour to your lips. It only comes in three colours, but so far I really love this product. It comes in at about €3,50.

#5: W7 eyeshadow pots
These have a lot of glitter in them and the colours look a little like each other, but they’re pretty and I love the names as they remind me of autumn. They do last really long and for only €1 for a pot in which you get a lot of product, I think it’s a great bargain.

#6: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro
Intense colour. Moisturizing. This is probably what I would describe (most) of the Baby Lips from the Electro line. They come in really great colours, from purple to clear and the ones with colour give amazing colour payoff. I found not all of them are as moisturizing strikecoughpurplecough but still they’re great products at €3,00.

#7: NYC Mosaic Face Powder
This has been a holy grail for a year now. This product comes in two colours, a golden and a pink one and they’re both gorgeous. You get so much product that I haven’t hit pan yet after daily use, not even a dent was made in either. They give amazing colour and I used them together as a light bronzer and blush. I also used the golden brown one to contour my nose as it gave just the right amount for my fair skin. According to NYC’s website, they’re mineral, too! Only downside is how they’re easily broken when traveling, but at €5,00 Euro it’s easy to replace.

#8: NYC Big Bold Bronzer
As well as the NYC Mosaic Face Powders, this lasts forever and has great pigmentation. Could turn out a little too dark but it’s very buildable. A gigantic product with a ton of bronzer, enough to last a few years! Still didn’t hit pan. The powder is also pressed nicely with a Sun in the powder. Such a cool detail. You can get it at the drugstore at €3,99.

#9: W7 Magic Eye Primer
This eye primer is so so good. It doesn’t do anything extra, but it does give a brighter, more intense colour as well as making eyeshadow longer lasting. I wouldn’t dare to ask for more (it would be nice though W7!) at the stunning price of €1,29.

#10: W7 In The Nude / In The Buff palettes
These palettes are inspired by Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, number two and three. Some people consider these palettes dupes, and while they’re pigmented and pretty, some of the quality isn’t as good as I would like. However, you still get 12 amazing colours that are similar and still decent quality for only €7,99 euros.


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