Bourjois Effect 3D Max Gloss Review

Usually, I’m not a big fan of lip glosses. They tend to stick my lips together, make my hair stick to it and it just becomes a disgusting slippy mess.
This gloss by Bourjois is something else, however. Let’s see how it packs out.


The bottles are pretty, they look like they have a bit of an hourglass shape to them. They come in a wide array of colours, today I’m showing you 13 Orange Fruity and 18 Rouge Sunny.
The glosses promise to stay put on the lips for up to eight hours, pretty impressive. now glosses don’t last me long generally because my lips like to suck everything up as soon as possible, so I hope this one actually works for me. It also contains fixing pomegranate oil and lots of colour.

Long sponge applicator

It has a long sponge applicator. I love this as it just makes it way easier to apply and is pretty much fool proof. It also smells really sweet and fruity, thanks to the pomegranate oil.
A lot of colour is already on the sponge; will it actually appear on the lips, however?

13 Orange Fruity
18 Sunny Rouge

18 Sunny Rouge certainly shows a ton of colour! A pretty dark pinky colour. 13 Orange Juicy is more of a peachy nude to my lips, or the same colour. Maybe a ‘my lips but better’ shade. The shine is definitely there as well as the 3D effect. The high shine makes my lips look more voluminous and pretty. It does feel kind of sticky upon application, but it soon feels like it ‘melts’ to your lips and it starts feeling super comfortable and nice to me. The fruity taste stays on for a bit before changing to a more lipstick-y taste. However if you don’t lick your lips you won’t even know it’s even there. It also feels super nourishing and a little hydrating, too! Probably thanks to the pomegranate oil.

As for the staying power, oh no! After just 45 minutes some colour moved.. It did still shine like mad though, and I did still feel it was there. With a little touch up, the product is fixed anyways.
This lasted me a few hours with no, in the end. I’m impressed by this gloss, however I might need some touch ups every now and then because of the colour moving around sometimes. I might run out to buy some more soon, they have such pretty colours!

The Bourjois 3D Max Effect glosses cost €8,50 and can be bought at any drugstore or department store.


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