Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a big idol for tons of women and girls, including me. She has a gorgeous body, pretty blonde hair and her red lips are to die for. Who doesn’t want to look like her?

Today I’m showing you how to achieve that Marilyn Monroe look.


Starting off with a flawless base is key. Therefore, I started off with MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin primer. After that I used Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily-combination skin in Ivory. This foundation makes sure the redness in my face is gone, my pimples and all other flaws disappear and creates a flawless canvas for us to paint on.
I then grabbed some of NYC Big Bold Bronzer in 601 manhaTan and brushed just a little bit on my cheeks, as Marilyn didn’t seem to wear all that much.

After that I went for the eyes. As I said, Marilyn didn’t seem to wear too much makeup at all honestly, so I decided not to go too heavy with the eyeshadow, however I did notice her eyes were pretty defined. I used The Balm’s Nude’Tude eyeshadow palette and applied Sultry (a matte brown) in the crease, then Snobby (a yellow brown-y colour) on the lid. After that I grabbed Sleek (a matte, really dark brown) to darken my crease a little bit further and then using Serious (a matte, dark black) and the flat end of the brush I slowly pat it as close to the lashline as possible, then slightly winging it out to create the subtle illusion of more mascara and fake lashes. I also put some on the bottom of my eyes, drawing a line toward the little wing I made on the top, stopping just a bit before the wing, as I saw on some pictures she had this line, too. It created the illusion of bigger eyes.
I then used Bourjois Seductive Volume on my lashes to create big, voluminous lashes and brushed them out with the little tie-like comb that came with it.

The lips are just what Marilyn Monroe makes Marilyn Monroe. Big, pretty red lips. I tried to recreate them using L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Reds in Blake’s True Red, a gorgeous blue toned red and my absolute favourite. Ever. I applied it with a brush and right from the stick, then biting into some paper and reapplying it again for even deeper colour and longer staying power.

To finish everything off, I drew a little beauty mark next to my nose, just like she had in some of the pictures.

As for the hair, I tried to do the bobby pin curl thing, but failed massively. Instead, I just regularly curled my hair in pretty spiral curls using my Remington curling wand and let them sit for an hour, then spray them and brush them one more time. I guess it would be Marilyn Monroe if she had long hair / extensions. After the heat abuse, I used some Moroccan oil on my hair to return that lost moisture and take good care of it. I also used some of Schwartzkopf’s BC BonaCure spray conditioner from their Moisture Renew line.

The finished look

And that’s the finished look!
I do love how it came out – now obviously I’m no professional and of course everyone’s face is different, but it still a really fun look which I hope you guys will enjoy! Happy Halloween!


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