November Goals

After reading Taisie‘s post on her goals for this and last month, I got really inspired to set some for my own.
Monthly goals are really motivating and honestly they do actually make me get a ton of work done that I didn’t finish yet or didn’t get to at all.

Keeping this blog up and running
Obviously, this is the most obvious goal. Last month I slipped quite a lot, leaving three or four days in between my posts while I usually post every other day. Life does get busy and of course I have real life things to attend to as well, but I’d love to stay on my schedule from now on.

Complete Erin’s Guide To Better Beauty Blogging
I recommend this to everyone, any day. There are so many articles to learn from, so much to do and even for advanced beauty bloggers I think this is a really good read. This has really inspired me to update my blog and organize everything, which of course I am still working on. Since it is a month challenge, I figured I should really add it to this month’s goals.

Write one to a few posts a day
This is really needed to keep me on a working schedule. Having some of my posts prepared really does help in my productivity. Last month I did have a lot of days where I had to quickly whip up a post and trust me, it isn’t fun. Erin gave the advice to just turn off the Wi-Fi, open up Word and just start writing for some time. I think this is a really good idea as you won’t get distracted by social media.

Drinking more water
This one is so important. Last week I had severe dehydration, which has happened before and I got really sick and dehydrated. It’s a terrible feeling which I don’t ever want to expirience again. I guess I should try drinking the recommended eight glasses of water and stick to it this time.

Reading a book
I haven’t read a good book in a while so I probably should start again. I did recently start a book for school – The Stalker – which is pretty interesting so I will probably get back into that.

Spend more time studying
I did let my studies slip a bit this month. I didn’t get the best grades so I think it’s time to step my school game up and start studying a bit more.

Exercising is so important and so healthy. Back in December last year up to this summer I kept myself to a strict exercise routine. I reintroduced this just a few days ago and I’m loving the sore feeling I get already!

Participate in monthly / weekly challenges
I have been looking into this for a few months now actually, but never really got to do it honestly. I think I might start one for December actually, or a small one this month.

I hope I will actually accomplish them! I’m super excited for it. Please do share your goals for this month with me in the comments below!


One thought on “November Goals

  1. Good luck with your monthly goals! Let me know how you do with them 🙂 I think I need to steal (borrow) the exercise one as I haven’t been to the gym in over a month!
    Good luck with everything anyway! 🙂

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