Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Finally, they’ve arrived in the Netherlands.
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a gel nail polish that doesn’t need a UV lamp and is supposed to make your nails look like they’re real gel nails. As gel nails can be a little damaging, I loved the idea of this when I first saw them. And the bottle is so big!
Let’s find out if this polish is worth the rave.


These nail polishes come in a wide variety of colours to choose from, from really nice autumn shades to fresh pastel spring shades. The spring shades were really pretty but since I wouldn’t wear them this time of the year, I guess I’ll look back into them later.
Instead, I got the colour Game of Chromes from their Fiery Metallics range which is a nice, glittery gold colour as the well as Style Maker from their Runway Shock Collection range which is a pretty, bright but still a little darker toned green. I also got two of their top coats for free, a nice bonus!

The brush is nice and big and the polish is super easy to apply. Fool-proof, I would say. The colours look amazing on my nails and last at least a week before chipping. No other polish has ever done this for me, so it’s quite impressive to me.

Game of Chromes
Style Maker

Wow. These polishes shine like crazy! Game of Chromes also immediately gives a ton of colour, however if you look closely you can still see a little white from your nails so I like to apply two coats and one layer of top coat and I’m good to go. The green polish is a whole different story, you can still easily see the white of my nails after two coats, but if you just don’t focus on it you probably won’t even notice.

The top coats bottle is just as big and black with the same fool proof brush applicator. It’s still a clear top coat, plain and simple and gives your nails that gel-like high shine texture.
It also makes any polish last forever, which makes me really happy as some nail polishes just suck and then this top coat makes them last a little longer.

When I removed the gold one, it surprised me: it turned silver before I could take it off! It was also kinda tough to get off but that’s a good thing, I guess. The green one just goes off immediately (after a bit of a struggle).

I’m really happy with these polishes, I’ll definitely go get some more as soon as possible. These might just be my Holy grail polishes!

As I said before, you get some really big bottles; 12 ml which will cost you €11,99. I think it’s really worth it as they last forever and you won’t finish the bottle quickly, if ever.


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