How to make your hair grow fast

Over the course of a year by now, I’ve been trying to grow out my hair, thanks to making the super amazing decision of cutting it short when I was eleven, then damaging my hair with dyeing it multiple times, as well as bleaching it. Worst decisions in my entire life.

Read on further to find out how to make your hair grow fast(er)!

Back when I was eleven, I got such terrible knots in my hair that I had to visit a hair dresser every single week just to get them out, which hurt like Hell. Eventually, I was done with it so I got it cut to a bob. Of course it did start growing, but switching to a hair dresser who bleached my hair while I wanted blonde dye and who cut it up to my ears every time I asked for a trim wasn’t the best decision. Three years later with no sight of any hair growth progress because of it being cut off everytime, I started some research in how to make it grow faster. And switch hair dressers.



Girl. Girl. This stuff is what you need in your life. Tons of people swear by this and it’s very very popular actually! Biotin is amazing for your hair, but also for the nails and skin. It’s a B-complex vitamin (vitamin H) and it will make your hair grow out fast, however every body is different and will react different to different kinds of vitamins and dosages that you take in. The recommended dosage is 2.5 mg, but I recommend starting out slowly. Another requirement is that you drink a lot of water daily so your body can actually absorb it – I’ve heard terrible stories of people getting cystic acne from it, which is quite ironic actually as it is supposed to fight acne, so take at your own risk. Starting out on a low dosage and slowly working your way up and drinking the recommended eight glasses of water daily will help prevent that, though.

Scalp massages (with warm olive oil)
Go get you some extra virgin olive oil and heat it up in the microwave until it is warm, then slather it up on your hair, massaging your scalp for ten minutes straight. Do this for a week and you will see some growth! You could also use half olive oil and half castor oil. The olive oil is also really healthy for your hair, however it is really hard to get out. You should also massage your scalp two times daily (ten minutes) without the olive oil, until you’re satisfied with your hair length.

Stop using heat and chemicals
Heat will damage your ends and you want to save your ends. If you get split or dead ends, your hair is going to get cut or it will get worse. Which is not what we’re aiming for, right?
Use a good heat protectant, hair oils, treatments and deep conditioner masks. I recommend Morroccan oil, John Frieda Hair Repair deep conditioner (holy grail!!) and an infrared iron or wand if you really have to use heat. Also, use a good quality iron or wand from NuMe or a well known brand like that and try to let your hair air dry as often as possible! Also, if you dye your hair blonde, do not use bleach, just regular blonde dye. If you have to, only dye the new grown healthy hair – never everything because if you do dye the entire head, you will get dead hair and split ends.

A healthy diet and lifestyle


Protein, zinc and vitamin C is going to get you great, healthy hair as well as a great, healthy body. Protein is good for promoting healthy, pretty hair, fast growing nails and is also good for building muscle, as well as adding to your curves. Since your hair is made out of protein, it is essential to get a lot of it if you want to speed up your hair growth. Protein can be found in chicken, turkey and eggs and such. Zinc makes your hair follicles work well and repairs them when damaged, which will make your scalp more healthy, promoting healthy hair growth. Vitamin C is also very important as it makes collagen which is important for hair growth too – your body won’t make it by itself, so you should eat enough citrus foods. I also recommend switching to a high protein diet – and stick to it. Not only is it delicious, it will make everything go a lot faster!

Horse Shampoo


Yes, you heard me right. Horse shampoo.
This brand, Mane ‘N Tail, is the best horse shampoo for humans. It has gotten so popular that they include human instructions and made different human variations of the product. Coming in a shampoo and conditioner, this is no ordinary horse shampoo. It’s also cheap, can be found at American drugstores as well and comes in a gigantic jumbo bottle! And, the biggest and most important part is that it made a ton of people’s hair grow very fast. I believe in this, too, however I also heard less successful stories. But for a small price, it’s not going to hurt much right?



A last resort, or for the impatient ones like me, extensions are something I started with about half a year ago now. This is the instant fix, but getting real extensions that won’t damage your hair will cost you a lot, and you will have to pay a few hundreds every four months all over again. You’ll pay top dollar for top quality.. I really do not recommend the cheaper extensions. However, if you want to save yourself a few hundred euros, you can choose clip-in extensions. I got real Remy human hair extensions almost a year ago, however I’m a lazy person so I couldn’t put them in everyday.. they also pulled out tons of hairs.
Getting the real deal is a lot better and after the four to five months when they will be removed, you will have seen more hair growth than ever.


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