The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 Review

On my last trip to Amsterdam I came across The Body Shop. I was still a Body Shop virgin back then so I was pretty amazed with the awesome products in the store! I then picked up their daily moisturizer with SPF 30 from their Vitamin C line.

Now, it’s like three months of daily use later so I’d like to review this for you today!

The Body Shop daily moisturizer from their Vitamin C line

Their Vitamin C range comes in orange coloured packaging and colorful letters. It looks so summery, cheerful and happy! It also immediately reminds me of citrus fruits, especially oranges.

Which is exactly what it smells like! It smells so good. It’s amazing. Like you should go to the store right now just to smell it.
Anyways, the moisturizer is a white, creamy and thick substance. I like it. It blends really nicely and quickly sinks into my skin.

A white, thick creamy formula

When applied to the skin it feels like.. I wouldn’t say a burning or tingling sensation, but it feels a little funny. And I do not have sensitive skin at all, but I guess it’s from the vitamin C. It actually feels kind of nice, gives me the idea that it’s working! It’s gone after a few seconds.

Downside, though: it makes my face super shiny when it’s summer / begin autumn. After daily use and then not using it for a few days, I noticed it made my skin pretty oily, it even goes through my makeup after a few hours, no matter what I use.
It is however super moisturizing and perfect for winter and if I use the tiniest amount, it will look just fine.

Overall this is a really really good moisturizer, but I guess it’s more for dry skin. Would I repurchase? I would, maybe, but I’d like to try their other ranges first to see what really works for me.


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