My top five favourite lippies

I love lipsticks. A lipstick can change your entire face and look, from day to night and summer to winter! I love a cocktail of either super bright or super dark lipsticks, with a red and occasional nude thrown in between. Today I’m showing you my top five lip colours for this season.


Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in 120 Cutting Edge


Starting off with the darkest colour of the five, this lipstick is amazing. You can use a lip brush to make it a softer, more wearable colour for a (winter) day or just apply straight from the bullet for a more dark and edgy look. I love doing both and the versatility of it makes it perfect for changing my look from day to night in one swipe. It’s also really long lasting, feels a little creamy and doesn’t dry your lips out. Plus, the packaging is super sleek and edgy, too.

L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds in Blake’s Pure Red


Holy. Grail.
This is the best red I have ever seen, at least for my skin tone. A pretty blue toned red in a creamy formula and an almost matte finish, amazing full colour and long lasting staying power: it’s too good to be true! It really is a nice, classic red which I can just wear anywhere, anytime. My perfect red shade.

New York Colour Expert Last in 405 Blue Rose


Not every fall or winter day has to be filled with dark berry or plum colours. A nice, bright pop of colour every now and then is a nice way to spice your look up a bit. This lipstick really is long lasting, especially for it’s super cheap price, is really creamy and also very opaque. I love this bright pink to death and like wearing it on a day out. It has a blue purple sheen to it, which looks really good against the bright, bright pink.

L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds in Laetitia’s Pure Red


This is a colour that would look lovely on darker skinned ladies, however I think even pale girls like me can wear it. It’s nice for an evening or night look and is very similar to Rimmel’s Cutting Edge. Of course you could just blend out the colour for a softer colour. It feels really soft and velvety on my lips and I think it’s just gorgeous.

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 220 Heather Shimmer


This might just be my favourite lipstick formula of all these lipsticks. It is really moisturizing, the colour is super opaque and it makes your lips feel so soft and hydrated. This is a really good lipstick for people who suffer from dry lips all the time, like me. It just glides on and stays on for a while. A pretty neutral colour which will suit anyone.


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