Blistex Happy Lips lip balm review

While strolling through the drugstore a little while ago, I stumbled upon the lip care section where I found these. Blistex is one of the best brands for rescueing your lips and it is even prescribed by doctors in extreme cases over here.
I thought these looked a little like Baby Lips; the name, the packaging. They came in mango and strawberry. I took mango with me to review for you guys today.


As I described earlier, the product is similar to Baby Lips, just a little less bolf. The mango packaging is orange and the strawberry packaging is pink / red.
The stick that you have to twist out of is a nice orange. The actual lid has some yellow lips stamped upon it and with big letters ‘Happy Lips Mango’ written on it. I think it looks really pretty. It’s not like Baby Lips, it’s quite original even.

The balm consists of a white, waxy stick which really glides onto your lips! When the packaging is opened, a pretty strong mango smell will come out. It doesn’t smell or taste artificial, however.


The balm just gives me a clear, shiny layer on my lips. If you lick your lips a little, it will taste like a sugar bomb! After that it will just taste like a mango again. It doesn’t taste too artificial, it’s just the right mango taste. A strong, sweet one at that.

As for the actual moisturizing thing, I admit I was a little disappointed. The balm has a light feeling on the lips, but also a light moisturizing effect on the lips. Then again, this is not their medical lip balm (which is supposed to be amazing!) and it does the job properly while tasting good. Not for the extremely chapped lips, but maybe use before putting on that pretty (matte) lipstick? It’s a nice quick and simple balm to have around, but not anything heavy duty.


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