The Balm Plump My Pucker Review

On my way to the Dominican Republic, I went to look at one of the plane’s magazines. As usual, the plane has their own little store with a cosmetics section included.
This was around the time I started getting interested in higher brand cosmetics and as I heard The Balm is really good, I decided to check a few products out. Plus, tax free shopping makes me spend money so much quicker.
Today I am reviewing their Plump My Pucker gloss for you!


The Balm is known for their pretty vintage packaging, which is exactly what my tube came in. I do not have it anymore, but it was too pretty and colourful. ❤
I got it in Cocoa My Coconut, I love the names!
The gloss itself is a pretty brown colour, a nice neutral shade. The tube also has the logo on it and a silver lid.

Cocoa My Coconut

Upon twisting off the lid, a heavy cocoa smell came out! I really love that, but I do not think anyone does so you might want to watch out with that.
It has a doe foot applicator which grabs on to a lot of product. I love doe foot applicators, they're clean and super easy to use!

When the gloss is applied to the lips, it's just a really sheer, high shine lip colour. After a few coats, about three or so, you get a nude light brown lip which is really pretty. The cocoa scent is still there and tastes like that, too and the gloss leaves my lips feeling cool and tingly. Also kind of sticky. It’s quite comfortable.


As for the plumping effect, I honestly do not notice much of this. It is kind of the same as a drugstore plumper, maybe a better smelling one and more comfortable, but not any more plumping than that.
It is lovely and I will finish it, however I won’t repurchase with the $15 price tag.


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