Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish

Rimmel rarely let’s me down. It is one of the top drugstore brands and I do enjoy most of their products (especially the lipsticks!)
Just a little over a month ago, I decided to get me some nail polishes. Since it was a buy one get one free thing, I got me two colours! Today I’m reviewing Rimmel’s 60 Seconds nail polish.

This polish comes in a wide range of colours, from bright pink to blackest black. I especially love their range of blue colours, so I got me the 843 Midnight Skinny Dip (love the names!) and a red colour since I was actually in need of one, 320 Rapid Ruby.

They have those wider, big applicators on them which is a really good thing as it makes it so easy to apply on my nails. It is also kind of flat bristle, which can be a good thing really!

Rapid Ruby

The red is a gorgeous darm, ruby red. I love it, it looks really chique and nice. It coats within one coat, sometimes two depending on how much product you had on your bristle.

Midnight Skinny Dip

The blue is such a pretty colour. I’m in love. 😍
The blue polish coats within two to three coats, however the white tips of my nails are still slightly visible. If you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t really notice, though and with the third coat it’s just gone. Still a shame you need to apply an extra coat.

They don’t exactly dry in a minute, however they do dry fast. I think mine took me about 5 minutes or so to fully dry up on me. If I apply one of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel top coats, they last a lot longer, however, these things do chip like mad after only two to these days or so. Rapid Ruby chips a lot faster than Midnight Skinny Dip though, having major chipping while MSD didn’t have too much chipping at day three.
On the first day they both did started chipping just a slight bit. Really a shame because for the price and brand I wouldn’t expect it to chip so easily.

Day three. Some slight chipping.

Overall, it is a nice nail polish but it does need some pretty high maintenance (with some colours) in terms of chipping and a few extra coats are needed. Not exactly what you would want to wait on if you are using a 60 second nail polish, right? Nonetheless the colours are really pretty and I do think it is worth checking out if they’re on sale.

Would I repurchase? Probably not as I’m in love with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes, but if you enjoy cheap quick drying polishes you should check these out!


8 thoughts on “Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish

  1. I have sooo many of these polishes in so many different colours! I think they’re such pretty colours and for such a great price but what I absolutely hate is how easily they chip šŸ˜¦ I find that they chip off the very tips of my nails really easily, or rather they wear away, and then they start chipping like mad after that!
    I’m very tempted to try some OPI nail polish as I’ve heard they’re really good but they are about Ā£11.50 and I don’t know if I can justify that!

    1. Yess, I know exactly how you’re feeling! The struggle is real. I really want to try some OPI polishes too, however they’re not available yet over here in the Netherlands. Or at least, not where I live.

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