I ❤ Winter Tag

Hi guys!
This is my Day 1 post of the Big Blogmas 2014 thing (by @Coleoftheball) which I am participating in. Happy Blogmas!


1. Do you like the cold?
Sometimes, as it really sucks to wake up at 6 AM to bike half an hour in the dark while I’m freezing. However, to wake up later on the day and look outside to see pretty snow is great!

2.Favorite Part About Winter?
Snow, Christmas and presents! Who doesn’t love that?

3.Favorite Winter Drink?
I do not really have a special favourite drink, but I do enjoy hot chocolate a lot.. If I had a Starbucks near me, it probably would have been different.

4. Do You Do Any Outdoor Activity’s In The Winter?
I still bike to school every day, but that’s it.

5.Favorite Winter Scent?
My Bolsium scented candle in —–! It smells so good.😍 I also love love love Diesel’s Loverdose Tattoo perfume, it has a gorgeous bottle with a nice concept behind it and it smells really good for winter.

6.Does It Snow Where You Live?
Sometimes. My country is really rainy so there is a high chance, but it doesn’t always freeze here so you have to be kind of lucky anyways.

7.Favorite Clothing Item In Winter?
Sweaters! They’re comfy and warm and pretty. I also like vests a lot, so I can pair my summer shirts with that.

8.Your Favorite Winter Memory?
I don’t really recall any favourite winter memories.. we do not celebrate it that big. It is usually a Christmas tree and presents, but nothing too fancy. This year we’ll go eat in a restaurant with the family though.

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