Christmas Wishlist 2014

Christmas is coming up very soon and while it is still a few weeks away, I’m excited enough already to share my Christmas wishlist with you guys already!


NuMe Lustrum Wand – $250


I know I know, stop being unrealistic, you’re never going to get this, but I really want it so I might just get it for myself! This NuMe wand comes with 5 interchangeable wands and with infrared technology, which will actually moisturize your hair and keep it from drying out! It’s so amazing and I really really want it.

MAC Lip pencil in Soar – €18,50


Kylie Jenner’s signature lip colour and also very popular. It’s always sold out over here! I think Kylie has a gorgeous pout and I’d love to just recreate that and try to make my lips look as full as hers, you know? Other than that it’s a gorgeous colour that will fit a lot of girls out there nicely. A must have, I would say!

NYX lip liner in Purple Rain
This is a really pretty lipliner and I think it will look amazing under MAC’s Heroine. I also heard NYX lip liners are similar to MAC lip liners so that’s pretty exciting.


MAC lipstick in Heroine – €19
This is such a pretty purple shade, I haven’t seen anything like it before. It’s really bright, pretty and bold but I’ve been wanting to stray away from more neutral colours for some time now.


BH Cosmetics 120 Palette First Edition – €22,95
I should probably stop hogging and claiming all the eyeshadows, but this is just perfect!
This palette contains all the colours I need in my life, from brights to dark from shimmer to matte. I’d love to get it because of the quality, too and I wouldn’t ever need a different palette for a while.


Dolce&Gabanna Dolce – €58,22
This perfume is perfect for spring! It smells of flowers, mango and it just makes me feel really clean and fresh. The clean smell is lovely and I’d love to get it soon, in time for spring.


This post is part of the Big Blogmas 2014 by @Coleoftheball (day 7). 


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