Pisang Goreng

I love food. I also love fruit and I also love baking things.
A favourite recipe of mine is Pisang Goreng: baked banana’s! They’re sweet and delicious as well as super easy to make.

Today I’m showing you how to bake this easy recipe.


This recipe contains 393 calories and is meant for four people; or just you yourself! It takes about 25 minutes to make.

– 200g of self rising flour
– One little pack of vanilla sugar
– Salt
– One egg
– 200ml of milk
– Four banana’s
– either peanut or sunflower oil (for the frying)

How to make them
Grab a bowl and mix the flour, vanilla sugar, a little bit of salt, the egg and the milk together. The mixture should ‘hang on to’ the banana pieces. Try to cut the banana’s in half in both length and width. You can make them smaller if you would like to.

Make the oil hot to about a 180 degrees in a big frying pan or anything you can fry in and use enough oil so that the banana’s will float. Dip the banana’s in your mixture and put some of them together in the hot oil. Have them bake until they’re golden brown; they get to that point very quickly so make sure you turn them around at about 10-20 seconds. You can always turn them back around!

Put them on some kitchen paper to let any excessive oil drip off of them and let them cool down a bit. Add a lot of powdered sugar to add that sweet taste to them and serve them immediately!

This post is part of the Big Blogmas 2014 by @Coleoftheball (day 9). 


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