Christmas Gift Guide For Him

It can be kind of hard to decide what to buy your guy friend, boyfriend, husband or male family member.
For those of you who struggle with deciding on what to buy your special someone, I made a round up of some good Christmas picks.


Adidas Extreme Power Duo by Adidas – €7,60
For a sporty guy, you might want to buy this. It comes with a 150 ml body spray as well as 250 ml shower gel. It’s quite a masculine scent and it doesn’t break the bank!


Dove Men+Care Total Care Washbag by Dove – €15,21
A great set if you like a clean, moisturized skin. This set is developed for men wanting to feel comfortable and content with their skin and contains three products in a nice bag: the Dove Men +Care Body and Face Wash Clean Comfort containing 250ml, their Anti-Perspirant deodorant in Clean Comfort containing 75ml, and the Dove Men +Care Post Shave Balm Hydrate+ containing 100ml. A lovely set if you ask me.

Rituals Luxury Perfume Collection – for him by Rituals – €25,50
My boyfriends mom got him this- these are some gorgeous scents that I absolutely love. You get thew luxury eau de parfums which will last a long while. A nice and fresh one, a masculine but still fresh scent and a very masculine and heavy scent. I personally love the middle one the most; it’s the perfect balance between manly and fresh, but not overly manly.


This post is part of the Big Blogmas 2014 by @Coleoftheball (day 10). 


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