Winterlicious Tag


1) Favourite winter nail polish?
I currently am in love with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes. For that winter/Christmassy theme I love their golden colour, Game of Chromes.

2) Favourite winter lip product?
Anything dark! I’m currently rocking and loving Rimmel’s Long Lasting lipstick in Cutting Edge, but I also love reds and nudes like Laetitia’s or Blake’s True Reds by L’Oreal from their Collection Exclusive line or Always Delicate from Max Factor’s Lipfinity line.

3) Most worn winter clothing piece?
So far it has been sweaters and leggings! Super easy and comfortable. I love them, however I would enjoy wearing some more tight fitting clothes very soon.

4) Most worn winter accessory?
I’m not really one for accesories unless someone else bought them for me, however I have been loving and wearing this infinity ring you may or may not have seen on some photo’s already, which I got from my boyfriend. ❤

5) Favourite winter scent/candle?
I only own one candle and it is by Bolsius in the scent Sugar&Spice which is a gorgeous wintery warm scent. I love it and I do not ever want it to be burned up! :c

6) Favourite winter beverage?
Any hot chocolate, really. I don’t know many winter beverages however, so if you can recommend some I’d love to hear about them.

7) All time favourite Christmas/holiday movie?
I don’t really watch any movies nor Christmas/holiday movies.. I did enjoy watching Breaking Bad, however.

8) Favourite Christmas/holiday song?
I love Ariana Grande’s Christmas covers and songs she brings out around winter. While I do not like her attitude, she has a gorgeous voice and it is refreshing from all the endless Christmas classics on the radio.

9) Favourite holiday food/treat?
Pisang Goreng; baked banana’s!

10) What is your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
I just enjoy the standard Christmas tree and my candle, I guess.

11) What’s at the top of your wish list?
A pomeranian doggy! They’re the cutest. But I also love anything by The Body Shop, or a perfume (Dolce by Dolce&Gabanna) or anything makeup really.. All gifts are welcome. 🙂

12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?
I’m visiting Newcastle with my dad from the 28th to January 3th as well as spending Christmas with my family.


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