Christmas/New Year Party Essentials

We’ve just had Christmas right around the corner and with that finished we’re through half of the party season; today I’d like to join the bandwagon and show you guys my current favourite party essentials for these festive days.


If you want your makeup to last all night, I recommend a primer. My current favourite is MAC Prep+Prime Skin, which gives the skin a gorgeous matte finish, but also contains glitters for a bit more of a glowy look in case you wish to go for that. The glitter is very subtle and barely noticeable. The primer also makes my skin very soft and smooth.

You do not want people to notice your blemishes; to hide your imperfections, you should choose a good, medium to full coverage foundation without SPF. SPF give your skin a weird, white shiny look in photos with flash, so watch out for that! Looking like a greaseball isn’t the goal neither, so I like to set my make up with my MAC Blot Powder and keep it in my bag for touch ups.

I don’t really use false lashes, so I think it’s important to find a good mascara that stays put and still gives my lashes a big, full effect. I’m currently loving the Miss Manga mascara by L’Oreal, which I recently rediscovered. A good eyeliner is also key to a nice night look.

A long lasting formula is essential When you’re too busy partying the night away to worry about how your lips look. I recommend the L’Oreal infallible lipsticks, they also come in travel size! This time of the year I think a dark lip is great, so I’d choose for a dark red or plum colour and will not have to worry about my lipstick fading any second.

Just throwing in a little MAC Blot Powder, a L’Oreal Infallible compact in case you do feel like touching up the shiny, moisturizing top coat part and some deodorant or mini perfume in my black Burberry bag and I’m good to go without any worry my makeup will fade.


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