The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter Review

As I’m writing this, I am on my way to Newcastle by a gigantic boat. I decided to do a little pre-shopping and stumbled upon their Sea Shop, which had a huge 50% off sale going on! I couldn’t resist taking this little guy with me, along with a big body butter.


The packaging is simple and practical; a round, plastic tin with a shea nut pictured on top of it, along with the description and what it contains. You just twist the lid off and you have your delicious lip butter to try out immediately.

The shea butter smell is quite strong and sweet. I think it smells a little woody; not my thing really, but I can definitely get used to it. It isn’t a bad smell at all, kind of like a tree or nuts with a sweet smell to it.


When I first put my finger in the little tin, the butter was a little hard but after swirling my finger around in it for a bit it became super soft and creamy. I honestly haven’t had a lip butter as creamy as this one before. It’s lovely. Not even my Nivea lip butters are as lovely as this one is.

When applying it to my lips, it tastes exactly the way it smellt; woody with a bit of sweetness in it. I can definitely taste the shea in it; the butter makes my lips feel warm and it feels very soft and moisturizing. It quickly sinks into the skin of my lips and quickly relieves any pain or discomfort I may have had.

Overall it’s a lovely lip butter, unlike any I have tasted and have used before. I will definitely buy some more soon; I will, however, probably get a different taste or a different range from them next time.


8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter Review

  1. Oh, I love the lip butters! Have them in both chocomania and mango and they both are amazing! You made a good choice by choosing the Shea one! I have the scrub, it’s amazing.

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