The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream Review

Last week, I reviewed The Body Shop’s Shea lip butter. The lovely Valerie Nguyen asked if I could also review their hand cream from this line; since I have never tried a hand cream and have been interested in buying some lately anyways, I rushed to the store and got me the last tube they had left.

Today I’m reviewing this hand cream from the Shea range.


The hand cream comes in a nice, easy to use tube; just pinch the tube and you get some product out. They kind of look like the tubes paint come in, I think it looks nice and is also very hygiënic, definitely a plus to me- I’m a bit hygiëne obsessed, especially when I have a cold sore going on. The packaging also feels like it is made from some kind of aluminium foil. Written on it is also the description, a picture of the shea nut, giving you an idea which range this is from and of course the The Body Shop logo.

The product comes out very easily, the cream isn’t thick at all and has a kind of yellowy colour to it. It’s quite lightweight, actually.


The hand cream spread over my hands like a dream- it felt kind of warm and super moisturizing, you do not need a lot of it at all. It sinks in immediately, and as soon as I tried rubbing it over my hands a very strong but sweet scent came from my hands. I love it, it smells gorgeous, nothing like the lip butter which smelled more woody sweet to me while the hand cream is just sweet- therefore I prefer the hand cream more. It makes your hands smell delicious even after washing your hands or when it’s been on your hands for quite a few hours.

The cream did feel just a liiiiittle bit.. greasy-like, but that was gone quite soon after it sunk in a bit more. After a while my hands did start to feel a bit sweaty, however I do get sweaty hands quite quickly so it could just be me.. though I would watch out for that if you get sweaty hands quickly like me. I recommend using the tiniest amount incase you do!

Overall I think this is a lovely hand cream with a gorgeous smell. Incase you disliked the lip butter smell but do love the range, I think this is a great hand cream. It also feels really moisturizing, however I do think this may be a bit heavy for me- I do not ever get super dry hands so I think it will work out better for people with dryer skin. I am however in love with the smell and will use it sparingly as it is a great moisturizer, as long as I use a tiny amount.


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