YSL Touche Èclat VS L’Oreal The Touche Magique concealer

I heard so many great things about the YSL concealer, so when I had the chance to buy it I had to get it. Earlier I got me the L’Oreal True Match The Touche Magique anti-fatigue highlighting concealer and then I realised these concealers are quite similar; therefore today I’m comparing them both to see if maybe we have got a cheaper drugstore dupe.



So, let’s start with the packaging. The packaging is quite similar, yet very different; the YSL concealer is a gorgeous shade of gold, comes with a fancy instruction and has a clicker on the back to get the product out whereas the L’Oreal version just has a similarly shaped, white plastic pencil package. You don’t click, you twist. They both have a bristle brush which I think is very great and hygienic, brushes are my favourite applicators.

For the product shades, I got both of them in the shade 1. I have very pale skin and its hard to match an illuminating concealer with my skin shade; the L’Oreal concealer is perfect even with my super pale skin. It just comes out as an almost white, slightly skin toned colour which is perfect for me. The YSL version is very pink-toned, which is good if you have heavy bags under your eyes; unfortunately, I do not really get those so I don’t know how it’s going to work out for me. I think the YSL concealer is a lot darker than the L’Oreal one and is closer to my skin colour because of that. Keep in mind that the YSL version does have a lot of colours, going 1 to 1.5 to 2 etc., and they do not only change colour they also change undertone so you do have a very wide range to choose from. The L’Oreal version only comes in 6 shades, which is less than the YSL one as expected from the drugstore brand.

Now for the actual swatches, you can see the swatches on my hand right here;

Left: YSL, right: L'Oreal
Left: YSL, right: L'Oreal

Sorry, sadly enough I wasn’t able to get the undereye swatches- the camera decided to flip out, but it basically comes down to this;

The YSL version is obviously very pinky toned, is more on the sheerer side and I think the pink cancels out the blue tones of your undereye bags perfectly in case you would have these, however unfortunately I do not think it is all that brightening, which is supposed to be the purpose of the product. It gives off more of a very subtle, more shiny glow with pink tones.

The L’Oreal version provides a medium to high coverage, very brightening concealer. The fact that the coverage is quite high and also brightening would make this a lovely undereye concealer as well, covering the undereye bags instead of cancelling them out. It also covers up any redness or blemish you may have by your eyes and of course on any place you wish to put this concealer. I think this is a lot more brightening than the YSL Touche Eclat, which I prefer over the sheerer coverage YSL brings.

Now I do not think these are dupes of each other at all; they’re entirely different products.
If you’re looking for a subtle, slightly brightening concealer that will cancel out your blue eye bags, I’d opt for the YSL version; it’s lovely in case you’re not that much of a fan of the whole full coverage thing. However if you’re like me and you enjoy more of a ‘in your face’ type of brightening concealer that will also cover up any blemish or redness in its way, then I’d go for the L’Oreal version.

Of course the money plays a big role, too; the L’Oreal concealer is at least more than half price cheaper than its higher end counterpart. I think the best option is to test them out for yourself and see what your own preference is; either you’re willing to pay the big bucks and get a lovely sheer glow, or you could just be more into the high coverage kind of thing.


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