Most Worn Tag

I’ve seen this tag float around the internet a lot lately, and since I love a tag or two I decided to do this little tag for you guys.

Most worn nailpolish?
I do not wear nail polish often and I tend to forget about it all the time, but when I do wear a nice nail polish I like to go for my Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in Game of Chromes. For summer I plan to use my green polish from the same line; it’s a gorgeous jade green which I love even more than Game of Chromes.


Most worn perfume?
There was a time when I was so obsessed with perfume and I would buy it all the time. Right now that’s toned down a bit and I’m n really sure which one I really like right now, but I am enjoying a set of three perfumes from Rituals which my boyfriend gave me for Christmas.


Most worn hair product?
I love hair products and I love taking good care of my hair, especially because I want it to grow very fast. My favourite hair care product would be a Serum I got from the people who put in my extensions, however I recently kind of forgot about the gel-like textured serum. My most used product right now would probably be my Schwartzkopf BC BonaCure leave in conditioner from the Moisture Renew line. It makes my hair so soft, it’s amazing.

Most worn bag?
This used to be a black bag which got stolen last summer. Right now it is my new bag by Guess, which I only got recently on the boat to Newcastle. I love the colour and its small but also very sturdy and fits a lot of my things I like to take with me.


Most worn shoes?
Definitely my Zanotti fakes. I like them more than the original and I used to own a white pair of these in the summer but they started to get very dirty and so I had to throw them out. I immediately went back to Amsterdam to rebut them, however this time in black which would be more winter appropriate.
I’ve been walking the Hell out of these shoes and I hope they’ll stay with me for a while.

Most worn accessories?
I’m not really the type to wear a lot of accessories because I think you should wear them if they were given to you and thus have a special meaning or feelings to them. When I buy them for myself, they’re just not that special anymore. The accessory that is really close to my heart and that I wear all the time is an infinity ring which my boyfriend gave me. Also, a thing I don’t wear often but it very important to me is a silver necklace in the form of a heart. On the inside there’s two photos of me and my mother.


Most worn piece of clothing?
This quite hard. I think it may be my black leggings-jeans hybrid with leather in the front and fabric on the back.

Most worn foundation?
My Revlon Colorstay for Oily-Combination skin of course! However I haven’t been liking it as much lately and have switched over to the L’Oreal Infallible foundation.


Most worn blush or bronzer?
My most worn blush is the L’Oreal True Match blush in 115 True Rose. This gives off a gorgeous, very warm glow which looks so super natural no matter how much you put on. It’s definitely my favourite of all time. As for bronzer it is my Rimmel Waterproof Natural bronzer in the lightest shade, 021 Sunlight, I believe. It gives off a gorgeous look of warmth to your face just like the L’Oreal blush. I do not really recommend it for contouring though unless you get a darker shade.

Most worn lip product?
I rotate a lot between my lip colours, however I have a tendency to go for semi-matte to matte, highly pigmented and bright colours. I like something daring. My favourites are, of course, by L’Oreal.

Most worn eyeshadow?
Right now it is my The Balm Nude’Tude palette, however this is going to change very very soon to my Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eyeshadow palette.


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