NYC Expert Last Nail Polish

Hi everyone! I found this post in my older concepts and thought it would be nice to edit and upload; the colours aren’t very much in season yet but spring will be approaching sooner or later and spring + pastels = love.

I’m always in for a good deal and a good nail polish. Since I love NYC (New York Color) so much for both their quality and prices I picked them up while the 1+1 for free thing was going on.


I got me two colors- 257 Lavender Cupcake and 270 Raspberry Ice Cream. Sounds really good if you ask me. Hmm, ice cream.. they’re both really nice pastel colors.


You need about two layers of these nail polishes for them to give you almost full coverage. I still see some of the white part of my nail shining through, however if I wouldn’t know it’s there I probably wouldn’t even have noticed.
They start chipping (just a little bit!) after about two days, even though I never use a base- or top coat. That’s really good! Definitely what is expected of an expert last nail polish.. obviously it’s not really expert last at two days, however for a budget nail polish it’s quite good.
They chipped only a little while I was in the kitchen continuously washing dishes at my old work.


The pink consistency is a little thicker and covers better. They’re both easy and nice to apply. They do not take all that long to dry neither. I think they’re really good nail polishes, especially for what I paid for them. NYC has definitely done a great job for me once again.

I would definitely repurchase and get some more colors pretty soon as well. They don’t only have pastel colors, they really had a lot so I think anyone could buy and love these nail polishes.

(Gold nail polish is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Game of Chromes.)

The NYC Expert Last Nail Polishes cost €3,99 and is available at drugstores who stock NYC New York Colour near you.


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