The Body Shop Shea Body Butter Review

A week or two ago, I reviewed a lip balm and hand cream from The Body Shop’s Shea range; this body butter actually came with the lip balm, so since I am pretty excited about this range I decided to test and review this body butter for you guys.


The Shea butter comes in a light brown packaging, featuring the Shea nut on the entire lid almost and the The Body Shop logo along with some texts and information. I got the mini version as I like to try out travel size products before getting into the real thing.

To get to the product, you just twist off the lid and there you go; a creamy, white consistency stares right back at you, waiting to be used as you start to notice the quite strong-ish shea smell. As far as I know, the products in this range do smell a little bit different from eachother; the lip butter was quite woody, the hand cream more on the sweeter side while still keeping a little bit of that ‘nutty’ smell to it.. This one is just like the hand cream, very sweet but still keeping that nutty scent to it.


The consistency is very, very thick. This can be a little bit bothersome when applying all over your body as it leaves small bits that didn’t ‘melt’ as well so you suddenly discover you still have some white little dots on your body. It does get absorbed by the skin quite quickly and leaves the body soft. The smell this leaves is very subtle and not as strong as it is in the pot it comes in.

Now honestly, I think this is a range specifically meant for dryer skin- I’m an oily girl and the rest of my body is normal. While the product did feel quite soft, the feelingwasn’t super super moisturizing however I did enjoy it a lot and it did make my body soft and nice.


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