Drugstore favourites

In a lot of cases, the drugstore can be equally as good or even better than some higher end products- you just need to find the ones that work right for you and you can save you a lot of money.

Today I’m showing you my top picks from the drugstore.


L’Oreal True Match The Touchè Magique highlighting and brightening concealer by L’Oreal
Let’s start off with a concealer- I actually did a comparison to the YSL Touchè Eclat on my blog about a week ago. This concealer is great, it highlights and brightens, covers up anything in it’s path and doesn’t crease at all. As a pale girl, it is very hard to actually find a concealer that is going to actually brighten and that is actually light enough for your skin to get a noticeable highlight. The lightest shade is almost white with a slight undertone to it which makes it perfect even for the palest people out there. I am definitely a fan.

NYC Individual Eyes Custom Compact
This is great as it will give you a skin-coloured primer which also covers really well, a cream highlighter which can be used on multiple places and four eyeshadow colours- tailored for your eye colour as they come in different versions for brown, green and blue eyes. I own the green-eyed version which features gorgeous purple colours. The powders stay on quite long and for €5 you can’t go wrong anyways.

Max Factor Lipfinity liquid lipsticks
These are so amazing, last all day, seen’t drying at all thanks to the top coat and also stay quite glossy- you do need to touch up the top coat every now and then, but other than that, the colour just won’t come off! I once slept with it and the next day it was still fine. They come in a wide array of colours and aren’t that expensive, so I would definitely go check it out.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color
You may have noticed I am a big NYC fan, but that is because they have a ton of great products for a very cheap price. These lipsticks are creamy, opaque and quite long lasting. And while they might not survive a meal, they will still last you a good portion of the day.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
Can we say love? This mascara has amazing formula and the 360° wand is a nice little extra. This coats your lashes just like that, no effort needed. Big, full fat lashes within a minute! It even comes in a few different colours as well for the more daring of us. I love the L’Oreal mascaras and still have a ton to review in my little drawer. I’m always so tempted to open them and use them but obviously, you can’t have too many of them open at once. They’ll spoil! 😦

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