Life update

Hi everyone, I’ve been a little bit absent for a few days and missed a post for a very good reason- we’re getting two new family members!

Meet Java and Bella- two long coat chihuahua puppies from the same nest. They’re sisters and they’re just so adorable! Java is darker and a little bit more on the quiet side while Bella is quite adventurous and loves to play with people. They’re both very sweet and social. We’ll be picking them up by saturday, which is so exciting!


We’ve bought a bench and a little place for them to sleep and sit next to us, toys, foods, lots of snacks and the contract for one of them is already signed and ready. I’m quite grossed out by what they eat, though- there’s some freaky stuff in those snacks.

Preperation has been very busy for them and they’re highly anticipated in this house. We’ve been visiting them about two times so far over the weekend which, along with a birthday and a trip to my boyfriend, made it impossible to get to my usual posting deadline. Sorry about that! Regular posting will resume around the end of the week as I’ll be taking some of my free time to just write write write. I thought about doing like a little doggy haul for what I got them, but I’m not sure if you guys would like that- let me know.



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