My Bad Makeup Habits

Makeup is a lot of fun and there are a ton of ways to do it. However, everyone makes ‘mistakes’ in the beauty department every now and then as well, so today I’m telling you all about my makeup ‘sins’.


I forget to wash off my makeup.
I know I know, very very bad and not proper at all, but it’s the truth. Sometimes I lay in my bed and just before falling asleep I’m like, “shit, my makeup’s still on.” But around that time I’m warm and comfy, which results in some acne in the morning.

I do not curl my lashes.
Not really terrible, or something to be considered a ‘sin’, but a lot of people do curl their lashes and while I have two curlers laying around my room, I barely even use them. It’s just that with a lot of my mascaras it becomes quite hard to apply the mascara while my lashes are curled.

I forget to clean my makeup brushes,
and it takes a while for me to actually get to it after realizing they need a cleaning. I do not use a lot of brushes in general anyways, but when I do I forget to clean them usually. I tend to wait until they’re too dirty to use or until a cold sore decides to attack again.

I tend to forget to do my nails.
I feel like nails are an extra. They’re a pretty detail and can look really amazing if you have the skills and the tools and creativity to work with them- I don’t. I’m more of a makeup on my face person, if that’s a thing. This brings me to the fact that..

I tend to forget to clean my nails from the nail polish.
Some people may find it disgusting, but after my nails start chipping I just forget about them 100% and when I notice they did, half of the polish has already come off and it just looks disgusting. If you ever come across me and see my disgusting hands I’m so sorry in advance for the horrible horrible, extreme chips.


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