The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer Review

In Newcastle I needed a small bottle of Tea Tree oil, for my cold sores. While at The Body Shop, I spotted a little gift set where you got a free Tea Tree oil together with this pore minimizer. Since it was only three bucks extra, I decided to go ahead and get it so that I could do a review on it for you guys.

Today I’m telling you all about my expiriences with this pore minimizing primer.


Let’s just start with the outside- the packaging looks really nice, in my opinion.
The packaging consists of a green, squeezeable plastic tube with a twistable, dark green lid, the The Body Shop logo and a grass-like looking print on the background, giving off a calm and nice vibe. It also gives an idea of what the entire range consists off, and the giant T on the side gives it all away; obviously, we have the Tea Tree range going on over here. Other than that, there’s some white text going on telling you what the product is and how much the packaging actually contains.


Now onto the more important stuff- the insides.
The product promises to be a pore minimising primer which makes pores look smaller and makes the skin feel purer. It’s supposed to smooth, prime and instantly mattify the skin as well.

When you look at the ingredients, you’ll see that there isn’t enough Tea Tree in here to actually help you get rid of blemishes or anything, if that is what you’re after, however I do not think this was meant for that purpose, it’s more of a primer and pore minimizer than anything, obviously. Just a little note in case you were looking for this to heal your skin.

Once you squeeze the product out of the tube, a yellow, thick consistensy comes out. It smells very distinct and is very strong. You either love it or hate it, I love the strong Tea Tree smell. It is suitable for blemished skin.


I like to use a whole lot of this stuff and just smack it on my face as a primer- I feel a slight burning feeling from the Tea Tree, my eyes get a little watery because it is so strong but I do feel it working. As for the purer feel, I only felt the tingly sensation. It also didn’t mattify my face at all, at least not the way my MAC primer does.

Now what I think, is that this isn’t a one time product- you need to use it frequently to see its effects. As a primer, I do not think this is very great. I love my MAC Prep + Prime Skin a lot better than this and would never let this replace it. After a few weeks of daily use and putting a lot of it on my face, I do see a difference- my pores did definitely get smaller.

So is this a quick fix? No, it’s more of a product you need to use a while for it to help your skin get to the desired look you want. Obviously, it’s not going to stay forever if you don’t keep using this product, but I don’t know of any product that would actually do that. I like it, it is a good product but if you do not have patience, I wouldn’t recommend it. I probably won’t rebuy it as I’m not very concerned about my pores anyways and I didn’t like it as a primer too much, neither.


6 thoughts on “The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer Review

  1. I love the Body Shop’s tea tree line! I frequently use the toner and have tried the blemish fading night cream. But I’ve never used their tea tree primer. Although I’ve wanted to try it, you’ve persuaded me not to. Thanks for this review!

    1. I honestly do enjoy it as a long-term pore minimiser, but even that doesn’t make a gigantic difference- I just do not think it’s truly worth it since it doesn’t do a lot of the things it promises! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

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