Maybelline SuperStay 14H MegaWatt Lipsticks

While browsing and going through my small lipstick stash this morning, I came across a very bright lipstick of which I loved the colour a lot, but had barely used since buying it- it was the Maybelline SuperStay 14H MegaWatt lipstick in 455 Burst of Coral. Intrigued to try it out, I decided to try it out again and see what I thought of it again.

Today I’m reviewing this lipstick for you guys.


Starting off with the packaging, it is bright. And when I say bright, I mean bright. Half of the packaging displays the actual colour, with white text on it, saying the name of the product and the other half which is a little bit smaller is a plastic white lid- all I can say it looks quite colourful and simple. It does feel a little cheap, but then again, it’s a drugstore brand, but I did expect a little bit more from Maybelline- it’s quite pretty and sturdy though so it’s fine.


When you open the packaging, the outside didn’t lie about the colour- it’s bright. The bullet is quite thin in shape and I find it a bit of an odd shape as well, but it looks nice, and it smells kinda good, too! It has a very sweet, fruity but still a little chemical smell to it. You can love it or hate it, I think. The twistable bit is silver and feels cold.

When swatched, you can already see this lipstick has a matte formula going on, meaning you need very well exfoliated lips that are full of moisture to begin with. It also didn’t slide on all that smoothly on my hand, but that’s normal as its a matte finish.


When applied to the lips, the intense colour is great! I love the wat the virale colour makes my green eyes pop. I do find that it is going to accentuate any dryness you might have going on as I said earlier, so make sure to exfoliate the lips before applying this lipstick.

I did think it kind of looked like it just.. ‘sat’ on my lips if you know what I mean after a while, but I love the way it made my green eyes look. Plus points so far, but after about four hours of wear and looking in the mirror, I saw it definitely sat in my fine lines! It didn’t fade away very pretty and did start to look a little chalky as the day went on.


The actual lasting time it got was pretty long, I reapplied it after the fine line thing happened and it was still stuck on my lips by the time I got home, meaning I got another four hours of wear out of the lipstick without trouble after I reapplied a little bit of it. It didn’t dry out my lips too badly and after those four hours and a small one hour nap session followed by some intensive blogging, I can say that it has almost faded to nothing with a bit lingering around the outer sides and the middle of my lips. (Five hours later, total nine hours minus first application)

I do not think this is a bad lipstick at all! I like it, a lot, I love the colour selection, too but it is a little bit too high maintenance for me with the fine lines and the kinda chalky look it can give. I’ve seen mixed opinions on this though, so I do recommend reading some more reviews so that you can make the right decision.


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