MAC Lightscapade Review

I think MAC Lightscapade is a very hyped-up product. I’ve heard about it numerous times, and every single time I did hear something good. Being curious and needing a new highlighter, I decided to pick this up for review for you guys.


I have never seen the old MAC packaging, but I heard there was a ton of fuss about the new packaging of the MSF products. Maybe its because I’ve never seen the old packaging, but I think it looks great. You immediately see what product is inside, but it’s still black and sleek. The opening and closing system is quite fancy too, it’s easy and simple and quick. Perfect.


MAC MSF Lightscapade comes in two versions. The normal one (10 grams) and the Lightness of Being limited edition one (9 grams, same price). I got the LE version just because they gave me it, but its also really lovely in my collection with the pretty texture, design and pattern it has. It’s great!


The colours inside are white, orange, purple, blue and yellow, but while there are a lot of warm-toned colours in there, I find this to be a very cool-toned highlighter! Perfect for me as I am cool-toned as well. The texture feels nice and it’s soft and easy to apply.

Now there are some things I have complains about with the product, but the main thing’s probably just because of my skin tone. One thing, when I first opened my packaging, some of the product had already been broken off the big powder, so I had all these little powder bits spread over the main, big baked powder. I don’t know if I just had a wrong copy or anything, but I wasn’t very happy about that. It shouldn’t be broken, even if there’s just a tiny but that has come off. The next this MSF is very, very light, and since it’s baked it’s gorgeous on my cupid’s bow when both dry and wet (I prefer it dry over wet) as well as on my nose bridge, but when the product is dry and I apply it to my cheekbones -which is what I bought it for in the first place- it just doesn’t show up. At all. But when it’s wet, it comes off as a very shimmery highlighter, but other than the shimmer and slightly dewy look it gives, it just doesn’t seem to show too much at all unless you know it’s there. Now I am extremely pale, so it’s probably just my skin being super fair, but it is a shame as it is a subtle highlighter on me (except on the nose bridge and cupid’s bow as mentioned earlier), as I love a quite ‘in-your-face’ type of highlighter. I will continue to use it as it is lovely, as well as the texture, but I’m quite sad it’s so subtle on me. I wouldn’t recommend it for the extremely fair like me.

Overall I do enjoy this highlighter, it’s just a shame it didn’t show up on my cheekbones but looks so lovely and ‘obvious’ on my cupid’s bow and gives my nose bridge such a lift. I will probably just keep using it on my cupid’s bow, nose bridge and probably also my inner corners though! I’d totally go for this highlighter if you’re a bit more tanned like me- I will get back to it for the cheekbones around the summer, when I like to still be quite fair but slightly more tanned.


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