Wishlist February ’15

I’m usually not one to make a wishlist, but February will be a spendy month for me as I am determined to get more healthy, exercise, and write more for the blog, which of course all involves money. Here is my wishlist for February 2015.

Weight set – €30


Of course, if you want to work out and exercise, you are going to need some weights. Last year, I did it without them and I now have muscle problems in my butt and leg area, thanks to me thinking I should just exercise one part of the body. I really want to get this weight set- it has a 1.5kg, 3kg and 5kg set of dumbbells and the 3kg one is perfect for me. I want to move up to 5kg soon, as well, so it’s good to get them in a pretty cheap set.

Maca – €25

Maca is a plant growing in the Andes, which also grows very high up, at about 4000 km above us. This plant is full of protein and other stuff but it also makes your body create more hormones and it rapidly increases your mustle gain. It also makes you feel more awake and is just really good for you in general. I love it because it just does all those things for me. It’s perfect for working out and gaining fast results, I get the tablets by Hanoju which are the 4:1 extract.

A yoga mat €10

Also really important, next to weights, is a yoga mat, so that my back won’t hurt when doing stuff like sit ups and such.

Smashbox Contour Kit – €44

I love makeup. It’s a big hobby of mine and I collect it. Since starting this blog, I’ve seen my collection grow quite a bit, and the hunger for more makeup grows every day. I’ve been really interested in contouring as of late, and this set is just perfect. I’ve already swatched it in-store and the contour colour truly is a true, cool, shadow-like, contour colour. There’s also a bronzer and a matte white highlighter, and since my Rimmel Waterproof bronzer recently broke, I think I might have to go to Amsterdam to pick this baby up.

Chanel Chain Sunglasses €400


These are just gorgeous. I’ve seen EleventhGorgeous and some other beauty vloggers/bloggers seen wearing these ones and I just love them. They’re super expensive, but I’m sure they’re worth the price.


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