Garnier Micellar Makeup Removing wipes review

While I did my weekly stroll through the drugstore, I came across a special Garnier stand they set up to promote some new micellar water based products along with a sweet 1+1 deal, so obviously I went ahead and bought these micellar cleansing wipes to try.

Today I’m reviewing these cleansing wipes.

I’ve always been using Garnier wipes since starting my blogs, preferring the Aloe Vera ones because they’re so easy on my skin and soft. After that, I went on to regular micellar water because of recommendation, and that became my holy grail in a heartbeat! I tend to be quite lazy, however, and I love to use wipes at night when I’m super super duper tired and can’t be bothered to take it all off. I have oily skin, for reference, and it’s not sensitive at all. Anyways, let’s get on with the review!


The packaging is just the standard packaging by Garnier with their logo, the name and a different colour each time of the entire package- they chose a light, pastel pink colour for this release. The different fonts look really good on the packaging- the different sizes and colours make it look a lot less boring than if there wouldn’t be any difference to the letters on the packaging. I like how they used different colours, too- It says it will clean and take off all your makeup, but also make your skin softer. The packaging opens and closes with a little strip with some sticky stuff on it in the middle, nothing too fancy going on over there.


Now, for the actual wipes- they look like they’re just the standard, white wipes, but I did notice they felt a little thinner and softer. A little bit more water-like. When I wiped my face with the wipes, it took off all of my makeup (and eye makeup!) quite quickly actually- there weren’t any leftovers there like with all the other wipes I’ve previously used. The wipes didn’t make my face any softer, however, and my eyes do feel like I wiped them slightly too roughly, but that could also just be me going over the same spot multiple times without it being needed (thanks, OCD!). I didn’t even have to press that hard on my skin to take everything off, but just to be sure I went back a few times.


As much as I love love love my original micellar water by Garnier, I think these are a great alternative for when you’re too lazy and can’t be bothered to be all messy with the micellar water and a cotton pad or just want a quick fix to get off all your makeup really quickly and easily. I definitely recommend these! I think these might even be my new holy grail- I love it so much! It’s such a simple but great product and it gives you a little less than a month’s worth of wipes. A great deal, you guys should definitely run out and try it.


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