Outfit of the Day

After going shopping yesterday, I felt quite inspired to do an Outfit of the Day post. I have never made a post like this before, so please bear with me while I show you what I’m wearing today.



I got a lot of this stuff in yesterday’s shopping trip (let me know if you want a haul of that- I’d love to film it!), including this shirt from CoolCat! It has really pretty details around the chest and back area, but other than that it’s a simple, orange-pinky toned shirt. I forgot where I got the jacket from, but you can find tons just like it in any good clothing store. It’s a simple black jacket with some zipper detail- I saw similar ones at CoolCat as well.


My jeans are from Only, I believe, but I’m not sure. Again, it’s just a simple pair of stretch jeans so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding anything similar in a store near you.


Now for my favourite part, the shoes- I bought these yesterday at Primark for about €15, I believe, so they were really cheap and they’re super soft and comfortable! I love them a lot and I’m sure I’ll be wearing these a lot this summer.



For the accessories, I wore this bracelet set from Primark (about €3!) along with a ring my lovely boyfriend gave me a while ago.


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