L’Oreal Miss Manga Punky First Impressions

In Newcastle they had some interesting new L’Oreal mascaras on display in Boots. Recently, they’ve appeared over here as well, so I decided to take my copy from Newcastle out of the testing drawer and review it for you guys today.


The packaging is very similar to the original and the other different varieties, but this one has a green lid with black letters and ‘Punky’ in a really cool and pretty font above the usual Miss Manga text. The lid is also shiny, glossy and you can kind of see your reflection in it, like with the other versions of the Miss Manga mascara.


The thing that surprised me a lot about the product, was the wand- it is soooo different from any other Miss Manga mascara. It doesn’t have the 360° wand and the bristles are small, not big and hairy like the others. The brush takes a lot of product from the tube and thus paints all that product really thickly on my lashes. If I apply the mascara like I usually would, I get do get really thick, volumized black lashes, but they stick together like Hell and they do not make my lashes all that long, not even after a few coats. The mascara feels quite heavy like this, too, and a while after drying it still feels a little bit like it’s all sticking together. I feel like you should just play with the mascara a bit and see how you like your lashes. You will not ever get a natural effect, I find, but if you try to very very very very carefully apply the mascara to your lashes and take your time, you can still make it look decent.

Some careful work done.

Personally, this mascara is not for me- I find it to be too thick and clumpy and it isn’t all that lengthening. I also do not like taking my time for lashes that I do not personally enjoy as much- but if you like really black, thick lashes, you might want to try it if you do enjoy the clumpyness on your own lashes.


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