Comparison: L’Oreal Miss Manga VS Miss Manga Punky

A few days ago, I reviewed the Miss Manga Punky mascara. Being very curious how it would hold up to the original version, I decided to do a comparison post to see which one would do better!


Starting off with the packaging, they do not differ very much except for colour. I like the way the open and close, just twist it and when you open and close it you can feel a little ‘click’. It’s very sturdy packaging, good quality. The way the fonts differ looks really appealing as well- I really do enjoy the packaging.


Now the big difference with the products, is the wand. The original Miss Manga mascara has a 360° twistable wand, while the Punky version doesn’t. The bristles are different, too- the Miss Manga one’s big, quite bushy and hairy with a lot of bristles. The Punky one’s are, well, punky; they’re short and spiky. Thanks to this, the Punky product picks up more product than it’s original counterpart.

No makeup, just the mascara.

Here we can see the comparison best- left is the original and on the right we have the Punky edition. The left was achieved by just two coats, but to get a similar result, I had to go very easy on my lashes and use about three coats for the length and as you can see, they are thicker than the original ones. The thing I have a problem with is how careful you have to be, and you need to have a good lash day to not get a clump-festival. Here is a picture of my other eye, of which the lashes are very different compared to my eye in the picture above.


As you can see, these lashes are more clumped-together and shorter than the other eye from the same photo and they’re also thicker. With the original, both lashes will look the same and will not be overcoated which will happen really quickly with the Punky edition.

For me, the winner is the original Miss Manga mascara, because of the fact that you get even application, do not need to be too careful and it gives you quite a big effect without too much effort. The Punky version just doesn’t work for me because of the amount of product it picks up and the fact that it’s quite hard to apply and takes a lot of time to be careful. I also do not feel the Miss Manga original- the Punky version just feels sticky and heavy. I feel like that’s not how a mascara is supposed to be, it’s not the right way for me. If you enjoy thick lashes and don’t mind the clump, I would recommend it, but it just isn’t for me. Better luck next time, L’Oreal!


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