Empties #1

I love looking up empties videos on YouTube and I love reading them on WordPress and Bloglovin’. I just think it is so interesting to find out what products people like to use so much that they actually finish the product, which is quite special to me as I barely ever finish a product nor hit pan on anything, so today, I’m showing you around my finished trash!


The Body Shop Shea Butter (travel size)

I definitely loved the smell of this body butter! I got this in a set on the boat to Newcastle, along with an amazing lip balm. I have actually written a full review on this product on my blog, as well, so please do come check it out!

Schwarzkopf BC BonaCure Moisture Kick Shampoo

I got this stuff from my hairdresser whom does my extensions. I finished like two or three bottles of this already in about 7-8 months and it’s so good! It smells lovely, it makes my hair and extensions super soft and it is just amazing. It also doesn’t have any parabens or silicons in there to damage my extensions! It’s a little pricy, but definitely worth it.

Beyoncè Pulse NYC 30ML perfume

I actually finished this a little while ago, but I loved it so much that I bought a full 50ml bottle of this stuff on the boat to London- this is my boyfriends favourite scent as well, making it a staple scent for me. I love it, it’s great and the bottle design is amazing and futuristic. I just love everything about it! Sadly enough I lost the cute small 30ML bottle, however. :c

Garnier Micellar Water Makeup Remover Wipes

I also have written a review on this product, as these were great! They smell pretty good, they get my makeup off really easily, aren’t that expensive and aren’t such a terrible hassle like with the original micellar water (which got in my eyes a few times </3) and some cotton wipes. Perfect for on the go or if you’re just a lazy bum like me!

Schwarzkopf BC BonaCure Hair Therapy Color Freeze Treatment
I finished this a pretty long while ago, too, but I did enjoy it. It kept the colour of my dyed hair pretty and did make my hair soft. I used it less than once a week, but at the end of my extensions my usual conditioner ran out and I had to use this every day for a few weeks. I did like it a lot, but as I’m more into the Moisture Kick line, I do not think I will repurchase this, despite having some love for it.



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