Would You Rather… (from The Pointless Book)

Hi guys! So, after reading a lovely review post on the Pointless Book and seeing some photos of it’s contents, I thought it would be really fun to answer some of the Would You Rather… questions in the book. Something random and not something I usually do / write for you guys, but here we go.Would you rather…

Have wings or fins?

I feel like having wings would be bomb. I’d love to fly to places and travel without having to be scared of dying on an airplane! As for fins, I do not really like fish all that much because they kinda creep me out, despite some of them being quite creepy.

Have candy for dinner every day for a month, or drink one glass of rotten milk?

I feel like I would definitely go for the candy, because for my other meals I’d just go ahead and eat some super healthy stuff and then for dinner I’ll take all the candies! And for snacks inbetween I’d opt for healthy stuff too and shit so it wouldn’t be that much of a difference, just a different order than usual. Plus, why drink rotten milk when you can eat all the candies?

Have no elbows or no knees?

Elbows, because without knees I wouldn’t be able to squat, sit or walk properly anymore, I feel like!

Be in a cave full of big spiders or snakes?

It depends on what type of both would be in said cave. I think I would feel a lot safer in a cave full of small little spiders that won’t do nothing to anyone except weave a web or piss on someone or something than be with some poisonous snakes!

Swim with crocodiles or sharks?

Sharks! Because sharks are super cool and won’t hurt no one unless they smell blood. (I hope)

Fight with a duck as big as a horse or with a one hundred horses as big as ducks?

The duck, probably, as I feel like the duck wouldn’t be as smart as a one hundred cute little mini horses. I think.

Have legs as long as your fingers or have fingers as long as your legs?

That’s a tough one, but I’d probably go for the leg – finger thing where I just have the smallest, tiniest legs.

Wish you would be sexually attracted to fruits or have bits of crisps stick to your fingers all the time?

Probably the little crispy bits. Because that’s delicious and then I can have a snack all the time on my fingers! A little gross, buyt not as gross as being sexually attracted to fruits. A few days ago, I read about a woman in England being sexually attracted to trees on Facebook, in one of those shared news pages. Similar, and not my thing.

Speak a language of choice fluently or have the ability to understand and speak to animals?

Speak a language of choice fluently, I love learning new languages and I’d love to learn all the languages and travel to a lot and a ton of places in the world! I feel like animals wouldn’t have such interesting things to say, or say much at all. Plus, people would think I’m crazy when I say I’m some kind of weird animal whisperer!


I hope you guys enjoyed this tag, some simple but fun questions, but I love them, enough for me to actually buy The Pointless Book. There’s even a part two! We should all go take a look and check it out. Thanks for reading guys!

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