Easing into: the bold lip

A lot of people find that red is too bold for them. I personally love a bold lip and will go out with bright reds, pinks and purples, but for people who aren’t about that life, I have some tips for you today to easy right into the red lip.

Lip balm
These are definitely the easiest to ease into. Lip balms moisturize your lips and also can give your lips a slight hint of colour. I really recommend the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro range from Maybelline, obviously. These coke with a bright pop of colour to the lips and are quite moisturizing to the lips- I actually wrote a review on them a while back. The original Baby Lips in Pink Punch used to be my favourite one to two years back and also packs moisture along with a pop of colour. What more could you ask for?

Red (or any daring colour you prefer) lipglosses tend to have a little less pigment than actual lipsticks. I find that they are closer to the actual lip colour and still tend to show some of that right under them as they tend to be a little bit on the clearer side. I love the Bourjois Effet 3D Max 8H lipglosses as they’re super pigmented and can be build up to an almost opaque colour. Feeling even more daring? Apply a lip liner similar to your lip colour on the lips and watch your lipstick just turn fully opaque.

A nuder version of the colour you want
Of course, you can start out with a little less daring colour on your lips and just work your way up! MAC Cosmetics has a giant range of lip colours, from nudes to black, giving you a very broad choice on how bright and bold you want to go. I personally love Candy Yum Yum, but if that’s not your thing (yet) you can go for MAC Saint Germain which is a pretty Barbie pink colour, still slightly bold because it is so bright but also nude and looks good on almost all skin tones, very much unlike Candy Yum Yum which is very in-your-face and it will get people to really pay attention to your lips because of the super bright neon colour.


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