Makeup Revolution Blush Palette – All About Cream Review

Having really been into cream products lately, and especially cream blushers, I decided I should invest in a little palette so that I can take a few cream blushers with me during my travels as well as to quickly broaden out my makeup collection. I came across this palette by Makeup Revolution and immediately felt the need to review it for you guys today.


First off, the packaging as usual is gorgeous. It is nice and sleek, a glossy black package with golden letters written on it making it look quite higher-end.  It opens and closes with a normal click and I do not have any troubles opening this palette, unlike their Flawless Matte palette which took a while until it finally opened and closed without as much trouble.


Once opened, you get eight gorgeous cream blushers in quite some big pans. You get a total of 13 grams of product in this handy little palette and quite some different shades in there, fitting for the entire year. I immediately already saw a lovely Barbie-like light pinky shade in there which is perfect for spring! I also saw some contour/bronzer-like colours in there which I currently like to use as a bronzer-blusher duo on days where I need to get ready quickly and make it look like I used all the products.

Another thing I love that Makeup Revolution does, is the fact that they put really big mirrors in their palettes. Who doesn’t love a nice, big mirror in a not too large palette? Totally travel friendly to me. There wasn’t a little film paper with the colours in there in my package, however, and I couldn’t find them anywhere neither so that kind of sucks since I have to look them up online all the time now. If they even have a name, that is.

The actual creams in this palette are super super super super creamy and as promised by Makeup Revolution, they’re super highly pigmented as well! Since they’re creams, they’re also super long lasting, especially when set with a powder. Another plus is that they’re all matte and you only need a really small amount when using your fingers! I also made some swatches for you guys so that you guys can see how the colours look on a really fair person.

Since there aren’t any shade names, I’m going to number the shades in the palette from 1 to 8, going from left to right and starting with the top left and ending with the bottom right shade.


Shade 1: A really nice, super warm reddish colour with a bit of a browny tone to it, which to me, is amazing for autumn! I haven’t used this one too much yet because we’re getting into the spring/summer weather, but I’m a onehundred percent sure I will once autumn kicks in!

Shade 2: This is a gorgeous, bubblegum pink shade which In love! I have used this shade quite a lot lately, as I love the very girly and feminine but young look it gives to the cheek. A really pretty colour.

Shade 3: This is more of a browny shade, but again, super pretty. I love to put this right inbetween my cheeks and cheekbones to kind of bronze my face but also give them a ‘blush-y’ appearance. Great for warming up my face when I do not have the actual time to do both a blush and a contour thing to my face.

Shade 4: A more coral-y, but also quite bubblegum-y shade. I barely touched this one, neither, but I feel like I will really soon!


Shade 5: Super similar to the first shade in the palette, but more to the reddish/pinky side as the other one does lean more to the browner side. Again, not being used a lot but that will definitely change once autum hits again. I feel like this would be super nice on darker skin tones all year round, as well, just like Shade 1, too!

Shade 6: I love this shade so much! Gorgeous, bright, Barbie-pink. Amazing for spring as well as summer, even winter and I think it just goes on amazingly all year round. Really nice on fair skin, loving this one to death right now.

Shade 7: This one is another favourite right now, which also has the most dents in it, again a gorgeous Barbie-pink but more bubblegummy than Shade 6! Loving this one to death as well, it is definitely great spring and winter shade.

Shade 8: The most summery shade of all, being a lovely, bright orange! I haven’t used this one too much, but that’s only because I’m scared of finishing it before the summer actually starts (which probably won’t happen, with the crazy amount of blushers you get, especially for the price)!

Overall, I think this a gorgeous palette which is definitely worth the buy! It only cost me €10 euros and they’re all gorgeous shades with a ton of payoff and high-end looking packaging! If you’re into cream blushers and want som cheap, super high quality makeup, go out and get you some as well! I am definitely a fan.


17 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Blush Palette – All About Cream Review

  1. Love make up revolution but just not a fun of cream blushes. I’ve got their 2 other blush paletts which are gorgeous 😍.
    Great post x

      1. Yes they are amazing and super pigmented. Make up revolution is just brilliant, their eye palettes are awesome too x

      2. Yeah its gorgeous, I’ve got that one too and it’s one of my favourites. It’s dangerous because it’s so cheap I always end up buying loads🙈

      3. Online is safer for me. I like touching things so as soon as I touch it I need to have it lol

  2. I have all of their blush palettes and they are all amazing! I thought it was just me that needed a crowbar to open the flawless matte palette! Lol!

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