EOTD: Tropical

I love summer. To me, it means going to the beach, nature and bright, fresh colours. I made this look being inspired by some things I’m excited about for summer.


For the base, I love using concealer as it makes my veins disappear and gives the powder eyeshadow something nice to actually stick to. For this, I enjoy using my Bourjois 123 CC Eye Cream, as it is colour correcting and better for my eyes than a normal concealer because it being targeted to the eyes with a full coverage.

I first started with a transition shade from the Sleek Snapshots palette, called Sand Walker and applied it in my crease, starting on the outer half and blending it into the entire crease using a window wiper motion. I then took Martini, which is a  gorgeous off-white champagney shade and applied that into my crease and taking it up to the inner one third part of my eye and I also applied some on my browbone to make my eyebrows appear more lifted than they really are.


Wondering what colour to use next, I decided to go for Kiwi Flower, which is a gorgeous shimmery, foily-like kiwi shade (as the name suggests) and I applied that in the middle third part of my eye. Then for the outer third part, I went in with some blue. For the blue part I decided to use Humming Bird, which is a gorgeous light blue which reminds me of the ocean waters.


At this point, I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to add something for under the lower lashline and mascara and such, so feel free to skip everything from now if you like how the look is right now, but I did go in with Green Iguana, which is like the prettiest blue-ish green colour and applied it really close to my lashline up to about half of the eye. I also got some more Martini and blended the inner half of my lower lashline together with the now green-blue outer half of the lashline.


I didn’t apply any eyeliner, but feel free to apply any eyeliner as you wish. I did apply some mascara, which was my L’Oreal False Lash Wings Midnight Black mascara because I feel like it gives my lashes a nice, organized and sophisticated look to them and the mascara makes my lashes look amazing, long, and seperated as well as very feminine.


15 thoughts on “EOTD: Tropical

  1. Obsessed. If only I could get my hands on a sleek palette. I think my Marc one has a similar color though…

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