April Favourites

April has been quite a spendy month for me, but I got a lot of new stuff to try and I also found a ton of new favourites that I really do recommend to you guys. Read more to discover all about my April discoveries!



I Heart Makeup Lip Lavas in Shockwave and Unleash

Guyssss, these are the most amazing lipsticks I’ve ever tried besides MACs! I’m absolutely loving these lip creams to death. They’re like the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, but these are super cheap at less than €5! The colours are stunning, they’re enriched with Vitamin E and they feel amazing and creamy on the lips! The longer ivory could be a little better, but for under five euros you honestly can’t complain about them.

MAC lipstick in Heroine

I bought this shade a few hours before I got my hair dyed in a light ash blonde colour, and when I looked in the mirror, I immediately thought it wouldn’t work out anymore. Yesterday, I decided I’d play around with it some more, and turns out with a good eye look, it still can look amazing! This matte formulated lipstick feels very smooth and velvety on my lips, but also quite creamy. It literally feels like velvet on my lips, guys! It’s amazing. I’m definitely loving this dark purple shade, especially on top of my MAC Dervish lip liner.

Sleek Snapshots palette

I have been creating a ton of eye looks with this lately. When I first bought this, I thought it was going to be a more pastel-y palette, but turns out it contains twelve really versatile, bright, gorgeous colours! They go from matte to very foily and glittery, they’re super nice quality and of course, Sleek is a very cheap, drugstore brand. What’s more to love?

Makeup Revolution All About Cream palette

I have just written a review on this, so go check it out! This gorgeous palette is very cheap, comes with eight gorgeous, large blush pans in very versatile colours and is just amazing, especially for the price!

W7 Africa blush

I used to be all about the W7 life, but I stopped using this a long while ago because it’s kind of hard to work with. I recently tried this boxed blush / bronzer again, and right now, I’m loving how versatile it is! It comes with a NARS Ita Brush dupe (which is very small) to carve out the cheekbones and the blush itself contains a gorgeous Barbie / light pink colour, a really dark brown colour and a light coral colour (looks warm brown in the pan). If you swirl them together and put them right under the cheekbones then blend it out, it looks gorgeous! Used individually they make a gorgeous contour / blush, too, but the contour shade is very pink, still. The leopard print inside is also a very, very big plus to me as I think it makes it look more fun, like there was put in more effort and less cheap.


Image from Pinterest.
Image from Pinterest.

Open side tops

Ever since I found these types of shirts about a month ago, I just fell in love with them. I love how they’re kind of risqué, but they honestly don’t show off anything except for your sides too much. They’re perfect for the warmer weather and I’m definitely looking into getting more of them!


These are really super handy to put under your open shirts, or under see-through shirts if you don’t have any nude underwear. Obviously this is a favourite as you kind of can’t wear a lot of stuff I’m loving at the moment without wearing this, plus I found some really cute ones at Primark! If you know of any other cute ones and where I can buy them, let me know!

Crop tops

This is becoming an obsession. They’re super easy to put on, they look gorgeous and they are still open so I don’t die of the heat! I love styling these with high waisted skirts and jeans.



Best Friend – Yelawolf featuring Eminem

This song is so amazing. My boyfriend showed me, when I listened to it a second time and really looked up the lyrics and the meaning, I got hooked. An amazing song about God kind of, but it has so much more in it than you’d initially think it has. Yelawolfs vocals sound amazing and I love it when he sings the “Best friend (best frieenndd)” part. A really awesome and deep song, I also love how Eminem raps about Proof. I loved it so much I couldn’t wait for it to be on Spotify, so I just bought it from the iTunes Store. Amazing lyrics, really deep meaning, the best vocals and awesome background music.

King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar

I love Kendrick Lamar, for his many voices he can act out, for the awesome style he has and his background music. This song is a perfect blend of that, with a meaning as well. This song is an awesome mix of rap and funk which you guys should definitely go ahead and check out!

Sledgehammer – Fifth Harmony

A super catchy love song, I’m probably super late on joining the bandwagon but I finally gave this song a chance and I’m loving it right now and have been loving it for most of this month! Loving the vocals, catchy background music and the love theme is a nice switch from the rap I tend to listen and all the meaningless songs out there.



iPhone 6 Plus

Shittttt guys this is my ultimate favourite right now! When I went to the Apple Store in Amsterdam (Leidseplein), I just had to have it. My old HTC One M8 was just about to die, so I decided to pick one of these up- best decision ever. This is my ultimate phone, I love it so much and it is definitely the best phone I’ve ever had, with amazing camera quality, super fast with a large, big battery and a gorgeous, big HD screen paired with 64GB storage memory. It’s just the perfect phone for me!

Canon EOS 700D camera

How could I not add this baby to my favourites this month, it’s the camera that’s been giving you guys significantly better quality over the past month! I love this camera to death and if you guys checked out my wish list posts from a while ago, this has been on there for quite a while now. I’m super happy with this camera and wouldn’t trade it for anything! The lens is also amazing and great for doing close ups, which is what makes EOTDs and eye makeup tutorials from me possible for you guys! Still super happy with it and stoked about it even now that I’ve had it for about a month now.


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