I love really cool-toned, bright colours. Winter is long gone by now, and it’ll take a while to see her again, but since the spring weather just hasn’t caught up on the warmer weather too much yet, I decided to make an all cooled-down look for you guys today.


Starting with the base as usual, today I actually went with some leftover foundation on the back of my hand! I like using either L’Oreal’s 24H Stay Fresh foundation, or to mix that same foundation in with some of my L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation for a bit less of a dewy / oily look and more colour. Using a foundation did give it a little bit to stick to, as well as make most of my ugly discoloration and veins disappear.


The palette we used today was my Sleek Snapshots palette, starting out with crease shade / transition shade Sand Walker. I then decided to go in with Purple Haze, a matte, bright deep purple and applied it into the crese as well, starting out by patting a bit on the outer side on both eyes, then blending that out using a window wiper motion and also a bit into the actual lid, giving it a hazy purple look (get it? Hazy?), then going in with one of my favourite shades from the palette, which is called Lotus Flower, a gorgeous lighter purple, foily shade and patted that in with my finger. I did so twice.

Then for the brow bone and inner corner I grabbed the shade Martini and applied two coats of that on both the inner corner and brow bone, then topping the inner corner off with some Humming Bird. I then went back in with Lotus Flower and applied that right onto the middle third part of the lower lash line and blending it in with the Martini/Humming Bird mix. I topped that off on the outer third part by using Magenta Madness and blending that into Lotus Flower.


As usual, I topped it off with my favourite L’Oreal Gel Intenza gel eyeliner in 01 Pure Black and added two coats of my favourite L’Oreal False Lash Wings Midnight Blacks in their blackest colour as well like the eyeliner.

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