Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day is coming up in less than a week from now. I personally do have a hard time thinking about what to gift my grandma for Mother’s Day (as I live with her), but I imagine it being quite hard to pick out a nice gift for your actual mom, too. Today I’m showing you guys some picks I would gift my mom.

Jewellery I feel like Jewellery always does well, with women as well as girls alike. H&M currently has a H&M x Swarovski collection going on, with most pieces starting around the €20,- mark, going up to €50,-. The stones are real, but the H&M metal is still used as the actual necklace instead of real silver/gold, making it significantly cheaper compared to a real Swarovski piece of jewellery. They also have some really pretty pieces and they come in super cute, laced boxes, so the Swarovski-Crystal line is perfect for gifting!

Perfume  A nice perfume gift set would be lovely for any mom, I think. Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume gift set and Giorgio Armani’s Sí are very popular, Sí having a lovely mature smell with notes of freesia, rose and patchouli. The Marc Jacobs set comes with four of his amazing perfumes- Daisy, Dot, Daisy and Oh Lola!, all of which are great. You get a good variety of perfumes in small, travel friendly bottles plus your mom (and maybe you yourself!) get to try out four different perfumes to kind of see what you’re really into and maybe want to buy a full-size version of. 
A DIY succulent / cactus pot

ilikeweylie did a little tutorial on how to make a little succulent / cactus pot with glass and such on her Mothers Day Gift Guide- she did it on the part where she talks about the gardening mom and such. I think it is really cute and a lovely homeward accessory, plus, they don’t die after a day or two of forgetting to water them! They need really little, so this might also be great for the busier moms out there since they don’t really need a lot of attention, ever. Just make sure not to over-water them or your little pot of oxygen might drown.

A spa day

Some companies, including Therme, give away a free spa day with some special purchases- but of course you could also always just get one on your own. I feel like a spa day is a really special gift, as you could also go together and have some bonding time while getting pampered. A great deal if you ask me. It doesn’t have to be expensive- even just a little massage, mani & pedi or a facial is nice.


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